On February 11th 2010, Morning Musume member Junjun will be celebrating her 22nd birthday.

There is no concert on her birthday, so we can’t celebrate by pulling out our blue glowsticks and singing a birthday song for her.

On February 6th, we will gather at a Morning Musume Fan club event to celebrate her birthday. I hope everyone will be able to celebrate!

Basically there are 3 projects regarding JunJun’s birthday:

1. Glow sticks Project

We plan to pull out blue glow sticks at Morning Musume performance on February 6th then fill the place with JunJun’s color.

2. Birthday Message

Birthday messages for JunJun will be collected at the Hello! Project Winter Concerts in Tokyo and Osaka as well as fan club event at Aichi.

For people who can’t attend the concert please kindly visit this site and leave your message (>_<)


or you can send your message to this address: junjun0211_birthday@yahoo.co.jp

we will be waiting for everyone’s birthday messages and wishes!

3. Voice Message Project

We also plan to take a picture with everyone and put it in a colored paper, there’s also a possibility we gather everyone’s signs for this.

and then We will also take a picture of everyone and put it on some colored paper. Maybe everyone can sign this picture

For the original Japanese “JunJun’s (ジュンジュン)Birthday Project” details please refer to this site